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Cabinet Painting

Regal Painters can help refresh your space with our cabinet painting services.

Your cabinets are the largest visual area in your kitchen. They are also one of the most touched surfaces in your home. Painting or refinishing your cabinets is the best way to freshen up the room, but also to protect the surface of your cabinets from dirt, deterioration, and scuffing. Whether you are wanting a new color for your cabinets, or are looking to rejuvenate the cabinets you already love, our team at Regal Painters has experience painting a variety of surfaces and materials to ensure the proper prep and painting techniques specific to your cabinet painting needs for a smooth, flawless finish. 


Our process:

Our professionals at Regal Painters will start your cabinet painting project by protecting and covering your floors, ceilings, and the surfaces in-between before the removal of the cabinet doors and drawers. We will remove the knobs, pulls, and hinges upon cabinet door removal, then clean and degrease before repairing dents and filling holes as needed. 
Prep work is key in the cabinet painting process, after cleaning and repairing we will lightly sand the cabinet surfaces before applying high quality primer. Priming the cabinets before painting aids in the adhesion of the paint to the surface but also in the longevity of the finish you’ve chosen. Another light sanding before applying the first coat of paint and after to ensure a smooth surface on the final coat of paint. 

Highest Quality Products

Regal Painters uses the highest performing paints on the market to create a long lasting smooth finish on your kitchen cabinets. We use premium quality, waterborne alkyd paint to make a furniture-quality finish that lasts. With over 3,500 colors to choose from, and sensitivity friendly zero VOC products, we provide the highest quality customer satisfaction in the industry. It doesn’t stop there. We hand pick each product down to our specialty shellac based primer, which provides maximum coverage and adhesion. Together it makes a durable and easy to clean cabinet surface. Let us be your first choice for a cabinet refinishing professional in the Winchester, TN area. Call and schedule a free estimate.